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    Sex Cams Overview

    Free live sex cam website, that supplies a number of live cams and chat functions for you to choose from. Right here you can find a lot of amateur cam girls to chat and watch them live on cam from all over the globe.


    Simply One Of The Best Sex Cams In The Industry!

    If you are looking for a great adult cams, checkout our best option. It’s free, it’s easy to use, and it’s very popular among users, which increases your chances for a good pleasure.

    MyFreeCams is an online live sex show platform that was founded several years ago and has gained huge popularity worldwide. The website features hundreds of models available online and allows you to watch different sex live streams absolutely for free. So, it is no wonder why this website takes top places in the reviews.

    Every day dozens of models join MyFreeCams community to share intimacy with the viewers. In case of any trouble, fast and effective Customer Support is here – they are ready to solve all the issues you face.  Moreover, MyFreeCams is generous for bonuses: for each 10 tokens purchase, you’ll get a reward – extra tokens or cashback.

    The platform releases special offers so that its members can purchase tokens exclusively cheaper. The customers are also allowed to use valid promo codes and bonuses. Thousands of models perform the live sex streams, and there is a large number of categories to choose from – milf sex cams, Asian sex cams, anal sex cams. You’ll find everything you need for your taste.


    MyFreeCams live sex show platform features a large number of performers that are available on the website constantly. It also maintains various live stream categories and sub-categories, providing registered members with a huge variety of sex shows available for free.

    MyFreeCams does not waster the time on foreplay, providing live actions videos and shows to be chosen from a variety of categories:

    • MyFreeCams Couples Cams (30-40 models online). MyFreeCams features live streams of couples and a larger group of people. The videos are available publicly, as well as in private chat for tokens. This category gets 5 out of 10 in terms of popularity among the users.
    • MyFreeCams Milf Cams (60-80 models online). Milf Cams category represents women of different ages, mature ones, particularly. They are the women who seem to be good, but in fact, they go very bad and naughty to satisfy your desires. 6 out of 10 for popularity.
    • MyFreeCams Latina Cams (25-30 models online). MyFreeCams exclusively offers a large number of videos and live shows, recorded by stunning Latina women from South America, Columbia, Costa Rica, and many other countries. This category is considered one of the most popular on the platform, so it gets 9 out of 10 score.
    • MyFreeCams Asian Cams (65-70). Surprisingly, MyFreeCams platform exclusively features Asian models. There are live streams of Asian women of different ages always available on the platform; they are very popular among male members of the community. 8 out of 10.
    • MyFreeCams Mature Cams (up to 50 models online). MyFreeCams has a bunch of live streams, recorded by mature women from different countries. Here you’ll find an experienced woman to have fun with. She knows how to please you, so don’t hesitate to choose this category (7 out of 10).
    • MyFreeCams BBW Cams (80-100 models online). BBW Cams is known as the Big Beautiful Women Cam category. MyFreeCams provides a variety of live videos, streamed by beautiful women with gorgeous shapes and curves in real-time. The majority of the videos are available for free. (10 out of 10)
    • MyFreeCams Ebony Cams (25-30 models online). MyFreeCams counts a large number of young models with stunning dark skin. You can have fun with these beauties in private chats, or watching free videos (4 out of 10). 
    • MyFreeCams Foot Fetish Cams (40 models online). Registered members of MyFreeCams get the opportunity to enjoy foot fetish videos, and live streams as the website provides such a category. The videos are available for free, but if one wants to enjoy watching live streams for a longer time, tokens ought to be purchased in advance. Many users like watching beautiful girls doing various things with their feet, so the category is popular enough (6 out of 10).
    • MyFreeCams Strippers Cams (100-120 models online). For the members who enjoy stripping, as well as foreplay, MyFreeCams represents the category of models stripping on camera (8 out of 10). 
    • MyFreeCams Anal Cams (up to 70 models online). MyFreeCams offers a wide range of live streams and private videos of live anal sex, performed by best models of the platform, using various sex toys. Those videos are available 24/7, in both public and private chats (7 out of 10). 

    What are the other features of MyFreeCams?

    Site Features

    MyFreeCams platform offers a bunch of sex videos and live streams available 24/7. Most of the models of the website tend to use various sex toys that appear to be very popular, especially when it comes to private chats. And they are ready to share their pleasure with you! These are often remotely controlled toys, you’ll appreciate them.

    But what to do if one’s private chat or any other live streames is interrupted because of bad Internet connection or any other similar reasons?

    MyFreeCams features excellent customer support that is available 24/7. To solve any issue, the member of the platform is allowed to contact the staff of the service, and the assistance will be provided rapidly. Honestly, they helped me in 7 minutes.

    Moving back to live streams performed by models of MyFreeCams, women use a huge variety of sex toys ever available in the market. The most popular are:

    • Cheap Fuck Machine. Fuck machines are sold in a huge variation, and there are different kinds of models that are used by live streams performers of the MyFreeCams sex platform. Those videos are considered one of the most popular on the website, and most of them are available free, as well. Don’t hesitate to try a new experience!
    • CamGirl Dildo. MyFreeCams models often use dildos of natural color to create a realistic image. These sex toys are made of safe materials and are not considered toxic. So, everything will go smoothly. If you know what I mean.

    Let’s know further how the member of MyFreeCams pays if he wants to watch a particular live stream that is not free?

    Payment Types

    Registered members of MyFreeCams do not consider the website too expensive. It has fair prices in comparison to other live sex shows platforms and services. The customers of MyFreeCams can watch a bunch of videos for absolutely free. But in case one wants to enjoy the full image of the entire process, they need to have a certain amount of tokens purchased in advance.

    The tokens are used within MyFreeCams only and have no other value outside the system. The platform does not have such a thing as a standard monthly membership, but it provides various advantages instead. The customers have the opportunity to use various bonuses and valid promo codes to get a discount and purchase the tokens at a lower price. MyFreeCams members are offered various payment methods available, among which are:

    • PayPal
    • Visa
    • MasterCard
    • Maestro
    • Solo
    • Switch

    Registered individuals also get free tokens to try the system if they are new and decide whether they are ready to pay for further actions or not.

    Site Traffic and Quality

    MyFreeCams live sex show platform was initially founded at the beginning of the 2000s, approximately in 2003, the time when such a website was somewhat completely new on the Internet. Today, MyFreeCams counts more than 20 million registered members from all over the world. There are more than 50 thousand registered models and female performers, which means that thousands of them are available online. It provides a huge advantage as it appears to be available 24/7.

    The models are of a different age range, but the majority of them are young women of 18 years and older. The record live streams of various categories, appearing in such ones, as:

    • Teen cams (up to 90 models online)
    • Milf cams (70-80 models online)
    • Asian cams (65-70 models online)
    • BDSM cams (up to 100 models online)
    • BBW cams (80-100 models online)

    When it comes to comparing MyFreeCams with other online platforms with similar content, for instance, Chaturbate and Bonga Cams, MyFreeCams is a win-win. Not only because it provides a large number of categories and models to choose from. Also, there are a bunch of videos and live streams available for free at any time of the day. Most of the models are young women, and the majority of them tend to use remotely controlled sex toys. It provides the opportunity to take any model private, but it requires paying a certain amount of tokens. The platform is also considered safe as it does not provide members personal information to other sources and live sex show platforms.

    Site Usability

    So, guys, you want to know something about MyFreeCams’ usability. MyFreeCams perfectly operates on all mobile devices, and its desktop version is also superb. It has a convenient design and appearance. The members of MyFreeCams have the opportunity to easily browse through the website, visiting all the available pages effortlessly.

    MyFreeCams has a handy layout with all the tools available instantly. All the features are equally available on both desktop and mobile versions of the platform. There are no difficulties in discovering a particular category the member of MyFreeCams is interested in. There is also an indicator on top of the page that shows the number of models that are available at the moment of visiting the website. Furthermore, you can contact customer support immediately in case of any troubles when using the MyFreeCams.

    Video Quality

    In general, the videos available on MyFreeCams are of high cams quality. It includes the live streams that are available for free, as well. Most of the videos and live sex shows on MyFreeCams appear to load very fast unless the customer has issues and troubles with its Internet connection on the device. Another advantage of live streams on MyFreeCams is that they are opened in the pop-up window.

    On the other hand, specific models can stream the videos of a bit lower sex cams quality, but that does not mean those videos cannot be watched. Most of the women purchase video cameras with an HD resolution, so a large number of live streams is of perfect quality. The only thing required from members of MyFreeCams is a good Internet connection to be able to watch those live sex shows and avoid any bugs.


    MyFreeCams live stream platform is not considered expensive. There are a bunch of videos and live streams available for free, but in case one wants to enjoy the content for longer, a certain amount of tokens ought to be paid. The price may vary depending on the length of the video, as well as its category, and model. Private shows may cost approximately $2 per minute, whereas the average price on other services may start $6 per minute. 

    Another important thing to mention is that newly registered members of MyFreeCams platform get free tokens once they create their profile for the first time. Moreover, for every 10 tokens purchased on MyFreeCams, the member gets a so-called bonus point they can use later for special offers or bonus purchases.

    Chat Types

    MyFreeCams live sex show platform provides a variety of chats and live shows available 24/7. Some of them are considered free, but to participate in certain chats, the members need to pay. MyFreeCams offers the following chat types: 

    • Public chat
    • Private chat
    • Spy chat
    • Group chat
    • Voyeur chat

    Public chat is usually free, and an unlimited number of members of MyFreeCams can join it. Those videos are usually available in flawless HD resolution. But if one wants some privacy with a particular model, there is a private chat.

    The private chat is not free, and the price depends on how long the live stream will last. The positive thing is that the member of MyFreeCams can record the video that will be later saved on its personal account.

    Spy chat is the opportunity to participate in private chat or any other type of show anonymously so that other users do not know about spy presence.

    Group chat usually has a limited number of members. They buy tickets to participate in the live stream, but if there are not enough people who bought the tickets, MyFreeCams offers a money refund.

    Voyeur chat represents the daily life of models and performers of MyFreeCams.


    MyFreeCams live show platform features lots of advantages available to all registered members of the website. They are listed below:

    • Great variety of models and online performers.

    Visiting the website for the first time, one may have noticed that MyFreeCams counts a huge variety of models, among which are dozens of performers currently available online. The number of models online is indicated at the top of the platform. They provide live streams of various categories to be freely chosen from.

    • User-friendly, easy-to-use system.

    The platform is easy to use due to the pleasant and convenient web design and layout. The Mobile version is no different when it comes to the ease of using it. Registered members of MyFreeCams can freely browse through the pages of the website, discovering live streams they want to watch. It is also easy to find all the necessary tools.

    • VIP membership.

    There is no such thing as a monthly membership, but the desired amount of tokens can be easily purchased at any time. MyFreeCams also provides bonuses and discounts, releasing limited special offers from time to time.

    • Private shows available 24/7.

    MyFreeCams features various types of shows and chats, among which the most popular are private shows. They are available 24/7 from different performers but are not free. Depending on the content of the private live stream, the member ought to pay a certain amount of tokens. The positive thing is that the members can record the session if the model allows private recording.

    • MyFreeCams bonuses.

    MyFreeCams provides lots of bonuses when its members purchase tokens. It also gives free tokens to newly registered members.


    Naturally, MyFreeCams platform appears to have its minor disadvantages the members may notice when using its services. These are:

    • No HD Cam Filter

    When searching for a particular live stream to watch, the member of the website may use several filters. But there is no such filter that allows customers to distinguish the videos of HD quality from the ones that are recorded in a bit lower quality. But the good news is that most of the live streams are of a high video resolution quality.

    • Cost of the services

    Well, some of the services may appear a bit expensive (but that does not mean they cannot be afforded).

    Customer Service-Support

    MyFreeCams has excellent customer support that is ready to provide any assistance 24/7. The website developers also created the list of FAQ, providing full detailed answers on the questions that are often related to account issues and password resetting. The customer service can solve any other technical issues and troubles once the member sends an email to the provided email address, fully explaining what the problem is. Within a short period, the customer service and support of MyFreeCams platform provide the best possible solution, and I saw it for myself. The support of the website may request more information to be able to provide a detailed answer.

    MyFreeCams features billing support, helping its members with billing issues. A registered member will receive a response rapidly. There is also strong technician support and assistance. Each section has commonly asked questions answered, but if one experiences any other kind of issue not listed by the customer help and assistance, they can contact the customer support immediately.

    Who Should Use MyFreeCams?

    MyFreeCams is not considered an expensive sex cam platform. It allows you to watch a wide variety of live streams for absolutely free, as well as enjoy other benefits of competitive prices. MyFreeCams offers a wide range of models and women from all over the world, streaming the videos of various categories to be chosen from. The website has been created for individuals who want to spend less money but yet be able to receive a high-quality product. MyFreeCams is easy to use on any preferable device, and it provides a great experience and other benefits. Anybody who wants to chat, have fun, jerk off, and so on can use MyFreeCams for one’s pleasure.

    Privacy Protection and Regional Blocking

    Just like any other website, MyFreeCams collects the information provided by its registered members. Some of the details may be used to enhance the website’s appearance and performance. On the other hand, MyFreeCams does not provide sensitive data to other services on the Internet. But the platform is not responsible for the info one deliberately shares on its personal profile.

    MyFreeCams uses the personal email address of each customer for various purposes only. It includes transactional purposes, password resetting, and website updates. Any personal information previously provided by a registered member of MyFreeCams can be deleted immediately when deactivating the account. Moreover, MyFreeCams is available in all countries, meaning that its members do not have to use VPN applications in order to visit the platform and purchase the tokens to watch live streams and participate in different types of chats.

    See all the details of the site’s privacy on Privacy Policy MyFreeCams.

    Hardware Functionality

    One of the main advantages of being a member of MyFreeCams platform is the opportunity to use its services and watch live streams on any preferable device. 

    The mobile version features a convenient layout, explicitly created for users of MyFreeCams mobile. On the other hand, the features and services may be organized in a different order in comparison to the desktop version. But they are still very easy to find, providing the same pleasant experience. The only thing required is a good Internet connection.

    The MyFreeCams website is also compatible with PC and tablets. When it comes to the desktop version, there is one important thing to mention as it distinguishes MyFreeCams from any other platform of similar purposes.

    When watching a live stream, the member will have the video opened in a pop-up format in a separate window, meaning that the customer may navigate through the MyFreeCams website and still watch the live show performed by a particular model. The screen may not be as large as the ones on other cam websites, but it can be expanded enough, providing a good video of high quality.

    MyFreeCams Promo Code

    MyFreeCams allows applying valid promo code when purchasing the tokens. It allows the members to get more tokens at a lower price exclusively. There are a few currently available promo codes listed below:

    • aud67824
    • SFAIR15
    • Twit200
    • Eff5776
    • new

    Since it is allowed to apply multiple coupons and valid promo codes when purchasing tokens on MyFreeCams, those codes can be easily found online, which makes it even more convenient to be the customer of live sex show platform. The codes can be discovered on reliable sources as they always add new coupons and promo codes during the day. It makes the customer experience even more pleasant as it becomes more affordable to purchase the videos and live streams that can be watched for free.

    Register on MyFreeCams Today

    Today it is free to become a member of MyFreeCams cam website by creating a personal account. The customers must keep in mind that all the info, such as a unique username and password, should not be provided to other individuals. Otherwise, the account may be terminated as the service has the right to block member’s access to the MyFreeCams platform.

    The registration process is free, as well as the opportunity to watch a large number of live streams at the moment of using the website. However, when signing up, the new member of MyFreeCams ought to provide its credit card number, verifying that he is ready to pay for the services if he is interested in it. To enjoy the benefits of live sex shows and streams, it is recommended to purchase a certain amount of tokens. MyFreeCams does not offer standard monthly subscriptions, meaning that purchasing tokens may have its advantages and disadvantages in equal quantities.

    Bottom Line

    If one is ready to spend money on private chats and shows, interacting with the preferred model, MyFreeCams is the right live show platform. On the other hand, the members have the opportunity to watch various live streams for absolutely free, most of which are streamed in a high-quality resolution. MyFreeCams provides a bunch of videos available 24/7 of any choice, usually depending on the most popular categories according to the requirements of each member. The members can choose the videos randomly, but they are also provided the opportunity to search the video by a variety of criteria of particular models. So, my advice is: try MyFreeCams immediately!